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Thread: Twisted

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    Finally getting back into the sport had to take a few years off. Just got my vicious ego11 in and I want to know how the fields are looking now? Still got airball? And is there more speed ball players that play there? Wanting to get as many games in I can

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    Welcome back! Unfortunately we only offer "walk-on" play on the airball field once a month for VcK's XBall FunDays which are normally held on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Due to HPL last weekend, the FunDay was rescheduled to this weekend (1/20). Information regarding costs, etc., for FunDay can be found in the VcK's Jan FunDay thread below. Otherwise, we are still run "Main Group" every weekend for rec-ball fun.
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    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???? Well that sucks for me! U used to have it up all the time for tourney players ! Well I'm sure twisted is still full of fun. Just have to find me some air ball as well.
    Thank u Kim for the response



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