Fusion FX OLED Board
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    Fusion FX OLED Board

    So, I just got a brand new Fusion FX, opened it up, threw in a battery, and tested everything, and everything was working great.
    Then, I tried to turn it on a little later that day, and for some reason the OLED Board is REALLY dim now? I tried replacing the battery and everything and I have no idea why it's really dim rather than at the brightness it was to begin with.

    Thought I'd post here, before I contacted Dangerous Power.
    If you need pictures, I'd happily take some to post on this thread.
    Hopefully someone can help me out because I did not see anything regarding my problem in the FX Manual.

    The board is semi-bright while in a dark room and such, but you can barely see it at all under light.
    Also, the OLED Intensity setting on the board is at maximum (25). When I bring down the intensity, it doesn't get any dimmer than it already is, so changing this setting isn't affecting my board?
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    check all wiring connections just in case that might help

    Quote Originally Posted by patch32
    SanDelphia Dynamericans

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    Hello! I would like to know if you found a solution to the problem?
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